1. Environmentally-Friendly Tips to Maintain Your Lawn and Yard

    If you’re passionate about the health and condition of your lawn and yard, then you’ve come to the right place! Bio Green of Orlando is committed to providing you with the best in high-quality, eco-friendly, organic and natural lawn care. Having a vibrant green lawn and lush garden and yard area really adds to the visual appeal of a property and makes spending time outside more pleasant for ev…Read More

  2. All About Natural Fertilizers

    At Bio Green of Orlando, we’re always excited about everything related to natural and organic fertilizers! We believe that top-notch maintenance and care of your lawn and yard is very important, but so is minimizing environmental damage and damage to your own health. With conventional chemical-based fertilizers and other volatile compounds used in lawn care by other companies, you can track thes…Read More

  3. The Origins of Lawns

    Were you aware that an estimated 80 percent of homes in the United States feature grass lawns? Whether you live in the cooler, rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest or the hotter, more humid climate of the Southeast, you probably have a lawn to take care of. At Bio Green of Orlando, we provide the safest and most effective lawn care services for your lawn so that you can have the most beautiful l…Read More

  4. The Harmful Effects of Chemical Fertilizers And Pesticides

    When you live in the beautiful state of Florida, our warm climate makes lawn maintenance a year-round job. At Bio Green of Orlando, our experienced lawn care technicians are happy to do the work for you. We have a passion for protecting the environment that we work on, which is why we avoid the use of chemical pesticides and chemical insecticides as much as possible. Today, we would like to discus…Read More

  5. The Benefits of Natural Pest Control and Natural Fertilizers

    When you live in Florida, taking care of your lawn is a year-round job, and our lawn care technicians at Bio Green of Orlando can do the hard work for you. Until recently, most of us believed that spraying our lawns with harsh chemicals was the best method for controlling pests and weeds. Additionally, many people believed that harsh chemical fertilizers were the most effective method for maintain…Read More