If you’re passionate about the health and condition of your lawn and yard, then you’ve come to the right place! Bio Green of Orlando is committed to providing you with the best in high-quality, eco-friendly, organic and natural lawn care. Having a vibrant green lawn and lush garden and yard area really adds to the visual appeal of a property and makes spending time outside more pleasant for everyone. With all of the nasty artificial and chemical fertilizers and other agents that lawn care companies use to maintain your lawn and yard, Bio Green of Orlando is proud to stand out as a natural and organic-focused lawn care company that is dedicated to providing environmentally-friendly lawn care solutions to you.

Though our professional lawn treatment and pet safe lawn fertilizer services are sure to get the job done and leave your lawn looking healthy and lush for the warmer seasons, we’re sure that you could use some extra tips to make sure that your lawn and yard is in tip-top shape, especially if you’re dedicated to maintaining the best yard and lawn possible. Check out some of these environmentally-friendly, simple tips to keep your yard and lawn looking on point.

Water Carefully and Wisely

First things first: don’t overwater! You should only be watering your lawn when it truly needs it, and use rainwater whenever possible. Not only is rainwater more environmentally-friendly, but you’re also saving money by not using your city’s municipal water supply. It’s a win-win for the earth and your wallet!

If you want to go the extra mile to maximize your rainwater usage, simply direct rain from gutters and downspouts onto lawns or into rain barrels for future use. Remember, if you’re looking to utilize rainwater and other natural water resources, rain gauges, micro-drip irrigation systems and other water conservations tools are your friend! If you do what you can to make sure that rainwater stays on your property, this can also help keep pollutants out of waterways, so you’d also be doing the environment a small but measurable service.

Keep Things Clean

Keep any grass clippings, leaves, and other things on the ground off of hard, man-made surfaces such as patios and sidewalks. When you can, sweep debris back onto your lawn, or bag it up and dispose or compost it properly if you must maintain a perfectly green, flawless lawn area.

If there’s any excess organic or natural fertilizer that spilled out of your grass area (which wouldn’t happen due to Bio Green’s expert fertilizer application services), simply put it into a bag and dispose of it properly so that it can’t wash away into storm drains and waterways. Even if your excess fertilizer is natural or organic, it’s still meant to be contained on your lawn, garden, or another yard area, so keep it that way!

Don’t Cut Too Low

Keeping the length of your grass slightly longer rather than shorter helps shade your soil, prevents weed germination, and encourages deeper root growth, while better absorbing and filtering rainfall. The result of maintaining the proper length of grass means reduced erosion and runoff. While you want to keep your lawn at a uniform height, just make sure not to cut it too low.

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Let Everything Breathe With Aeration

Having healthy, living, breathable soil is key to achieving healthy plants the natural way, without the artificial aid of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The organisms in the soil that are crucial to supporting the health of your grass and other plants need to drink, breathe, eat, digest and excrete their food, and to do that efficiently, they must have plenty of air pockets in the soil itself.

When a lawn or yard experiences a lot of foot traffic, soils can become compacted and need help in order to breathe properly. This is where mechanical aeration comes in to help. By cutting the ‘cores’ out of the soil with a specialized machine or hand tool (usually an automated aeration machine), you can leave behind holes that air, water, and fertilizer can enter through. Though the surface of your lawn may look like Swiss cheese with small turds covering it for a few days, we promise that the overall health of your lawn and yard will thank you for it.

If You Have Weeds, Listen To Them

Though it’s probably difficult for a meticulous lawn owner to see a weed as anything other than an imperfection and a nuisance, hear us out. Oftentimes, weeds can be very valuable in telling us something about the condition of the soil below. Essentially, weeds can act as messengers sent down by Mother Nature to teach us about the soil below. Sure, we can kill the messenger with weed killer or other yard care tools, but it won’t change the message that the weed is trying to send. In fact, weeds will always return if you kill them unless you change your soil conditions.

For instance, if you have excess plantain, then you probably have heavily compacted clay soil. If you have excess dandelions, then your soil probably needs more potassium and less magnesium – it’s logical science, really.

If It’s Safe To Play, It’s Safe To Stay

Lawn games are probably some of the oldest sports ever played on planet earth. Playing on the grass is almost a primal passion that we humans share – a tribute to our human ancestors, if you will. Therefore, there’s probably no better reason to maintain a healthy, safe, chemical-free lawn than to make sure that you can safely play in and on it.

A good way to judge if your lawn is healthy and eco-friendly enough is to ask yourself: would I play on my grass, and even roll around in it? Am I comfortable with my kids or my dog playing around and getting messy in the grass? We’re not telling you to put your or your kid’s future health on the line by testing the chemical waters of your lawn, but if your lawn is truly treated with natural and organic fertilizers and other lawn agents, then you shouldn’t have any problem spending time in the grass.

Having a nice, grassy lawn is a luxury that must be thoroughly appreciated and cherished. Oftentimes, high-quality grass comes at a high maintenance price, which is why you should do everything you can as a responsible lawn owner to make sure that your grass gets the care that it deserves. Our lawn treatment service hopes that you’ve found these lawn care pro tips to be helpful. If there’s something that your lawn or yard needs that you simply can’t take care of, then you know to contact the lawn care professionals at Bio Green of Orlando to get the best environmentally-friendly lawn treatment services on the market. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us!

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