At Bio Green of Orlando, we’re always excited about everything related to natural and organic fertilizers! We believe that top-notch maintenance and care of your lawn and yard is very important, but so is minimizing environmental damage and damage to your own health. With conventional chemical-based fertilizers and other volatile compounds used in lawn care by other companies, you can track these harmful chemicals inside your house, so they don’t necessarily stay outside in your yard.

To give you a better idea about the context of our work and why we’re so passionate about organic and natural fertilization methods for your lawn, our lawn treatment company figured that it was appropriate to give you an overview of natural and organic fertilizers that won’t harm you, your pets, or the ground below your lawn. Read up for useful information about alternative, pet-safe lawn fertilizer for your lawn care.

Overall Purpose of Fertilizer

Fertilizers are intended to add three basic building blocks of plant growth to soil: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Nitrogen helps to develop plant proteins, potassium helps to flower plants, and phosphorus helps support good root growth. Having nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in soil is essential to the healthy growth and development of your lawn, yard, and garden. Depending on the variety and soil composition of the plants in your yard, however, other minerals are required to support the healthy growth and development of various flora. Plants most often require fertilizer when they are non-native or when they are repeatedly grown in the same soil, such as in a garden plot or a flower border.


Though there are certain advantages to both organic and inorganic fertilizers, one of the major benefits of organic fertilizers is that they work slowly. Why would that be a benefit? Well, fertilizers and other agents that provide your lawn and soil with nitrogen need to be broken down by soil organisms in order for their nutrients to be released, and that takes a good amount of time. Because organic fertilizers work slowly, nothing is wasted in the fertilization process. As the fertilizer is released, it is consumed at a similar rate, unlike conventional chemical fertilizers which are immediately released into the soil.

Soil Structure

Organic fertilizers come with other perks, too. Organic fertilizers will help to improve the soil’s structure or ‘workability.’ Soil that has been fertilized with organic matter from Bio Green is easier to work with and allow more air to get to plant roots, which is a critical part of healthy plant and grass growth. The organic material in the fertilizer also permits soil to hold water longer, another critical aspect of plant and grass growth.

Additionally, the organic substances used in fertilizer increase the bacterial and fungal activity in the soil. In other words, organic garden and grass fertilizer will not only help the plants and the grass itself but will also improve the health of your soil.

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Manure, as a fertilizer, is pretty self-explanatory. It typically comes from cow, sheep, poultry, and horses. Manure is what’s known as a ‘complete’ fertilizer, as it contains a lot of organic matter, but, is low in nutrients. Manures are generally the most valuable as organic soil amendments and mulches. Be warned, however, that using very fresh manure as a fertilizer can burn plants and grass.

Rock Phosphate

Rock Phosphate is a calcium or lime-based phosphate rock that is typically ground up into the consistency of small crumbs. This phosphate rock powder contains over 30 percent phosphate and a large number of trace elements. After it is applied, rock phosphate will not leach out of the soil, and it will remain unchanged until it is taken up by the roots of plants and grass blades.

Bat and Seabird Guano

Guano, or the excrement of seabirds and bats, is an extremely nitrogen-rich natural fertilizer used to make your lawn grow consistently and evenly while maintaining an extremely vibrant green color. Bat guano is protected by caves from leaching, meaning that its nutrients are usually conserved. Just like guano in general, bat guano is very rich in soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, and other trace elements that promote healthy plant and lawn growth. Bat guano is usually powdery and may be used at any time of the year as a top dressing, or diluted into a tea formation and used as a foliar spray.

South American seabird guano is among some of the world’s best guano. South American seabird guano is gathered from rocks of arid sea islands that lack a lot of rainfall and decomposition. Because of this, seabird guano is fairly high in nitrogen, phosphorus, and other important nutrients that are vital to healthy plant and lawn growth.

Fish Emulsion

Fish emulsion is a partially decomposed blend of finely pulverized fish. Though it has a quite rancid odor, there are some deodorized versions that exist. Like other natural and organic fertilizers, fish emulsion should be applied quite evenly and sparingly to avoid burning any plant or grass roots.

Biodegradable Qualities

These various organic and natural fertilizer applications are also great because they are totally biodegradable, being made from completely natural products that easily breakdown. Thus, no harmful chemical residue is left behind, so you, your kids, and your family pets can play in your grass without any worry of taking in any fertilizer contaminants or chemicals.

Photosynthesis Assistance

Organic lawn manure also releases carbon dioxide, which helps aid the photosynthesis process. Basically, organic lawn care treatment is a better way of making the grass healthy and increases the vitality of soil and turf, which keeps your grass free of disease and pests. It also makes for a happy mixture of an environmentally healthy and harmonious way of taking care of your lawn in the most natural way possible.

Varying Application

The Bio Green soil-amending fertilizer that Bio Green of Orlando applies to your lawn is customized to your lawn, depending on turf type and the time of year. As such, when the soil is cool and less active, our pet-friendly lawn fertilizer company applies more plant nutrients. Conversely, when the soil is warm and active in the later spring, summer and early fall months, Bio Green applies more soil amendments, which then builds topsoil and soil fertility, so your lawn and landscape will stay healthy and happy until your next service call.  

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At Bio Green, we believe that no lawn is the same, and because of that, extra care should be given to make sure that the results of your lawn exceed your expectations. Equipped with more knowledge about natural and organic lawn and plant fertilizers, you know that using environmentally-friendly and safe fertilizers is the way to go to keep your lawn and yard looking as good as possible. Contact Bio Green of Orlando today!

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