When you live in Florida, taking care of your lawn is a year-round job, and our lawn care technicians at Bio Green of Orlando can do the hard work for you. Until recently, most of us believed that spraying our lawns with harsh chemicals was the best method for controlling pests and weeds. Additionally, many people believed that harsh chemical fertilizers were the most effective method for maintaining a green lawn. However, these harsh chemicals have negatively impacted our health and our environment. Just because you want to avoid contaminating your lawn with harmful chemicals does not mean that you will have an unattractive yard with a rampant pest infestation. The Biogreen of Orlando lawn care services offers natural fertilizers and natural pest control so that you can obtain a beautiful yard with a minimal amount of pests. Would you like to learn more about the benefits of natural fertilizers and natural insecticides? Keep on reading:

Protecting The Waterways

Florida is home to a variety of beautiful waterways, and we would like to keep them as clean as possible. Bio Green’s products use a blend of plant nutrients, soil amendments, and liquid food grade fertilizer that reduce the amount of pollutant runoff into the environment. In fact, Bio Green fertilizer is exempt from Florida’s fertilizer ordinance “blackout periods” that are enforced to reduce pollution runoff during rainy seasons.

Safe For Pets And Kids

Due to the natural ingredients we use in our Bio Green products, your pets and children can play in the yard without ever being exposed to harmful chemicals. Our natural insecticides and natural fertilizers are so safe that there is no wait period after spraying. With our lawn care services, you’ll never have to worry about harming your pets and kids with toxic chemicals.

Natural Fertilizers

Our experienced team at Bio Green of Orlando creates a custom plan for your lawn because we understand that no two lawns are the same. Some of the factors affecting your lawn include soil conditions, climate, watering, and temperature. Our professionals evaluate these factors to create the healthiest lawn, trees, shrubs, and flowers possible. Our Bio Green Complete Landscape Nutrition is applied directly your lawn, your shrubs, and to the trunks of your trees to provide your landscape with the nutrients it needs in order to thrive. We also spray the fertilizer to the base of your flowering plants to provide them with essential nutrients without harming their fragile flower petals.

Natural Pest Control

Bio Green is proud to offer its Natural Care Option natural pest control services. Our Natural Care Option uses a formula of natural, bio-based fertilizer products to naturally control the pests found year-round in Florida.

By using natural fertilizers and natural pest control products, you are helping to make the environment safer for you, your children, and your pets. It’s important to protect our soil and waterways from harmful pollutants. Our happy customers love using our lawn care services to have a beautiful and inviting landscape without the use of toxic chemicals. Contact Bio Green of Orlando for your free lawn evaluation today.