We’re dedicated to keeping soil, water, and families healthy with our all-natural fertilizers, and eco-friendly pest and weed control. So it only makes sense that we keep the air clean when we maintain your beautiful lawn. That’s why we launched our lawn mowing branch, Clean Air Lawn Care Orlando, in 2020. Clean Air Lawn Care Orlando offers a green, clean, and environmentally friendly mowing service that is committed to providing premium lawn care in an environmentally responsible manner.

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clean air lawn care lawn mowingClean Air Lawn Care has been pioneering sustainable, electric lawn care across the country since 2008. Bio Green teamed up with Clean Air Lawn Care because we know that we can make a bigger positive impact by working together. When you combine Bio Green’s natural lawn treatments with Clean Air Lawn Care lawn mowing services, you are getting a premium lawn service from people who care. We care about the environment, we care about health, we care about our work, and we care about YOU.

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Electric Lawn Equipment

We use all-electric lawn maintenance equipment to greatly reduce our impact on the environment. Our electric lawn service includes electric blowers, trimmers, and edgers. Electric lawn equipment is battery powered and has zero emissions. Our quiet, clean lawn equipment doesn’t emit harmful pollutants like gas-powered lawn services do. Plus, they are much quieter than gas-powered equipment.

Get your lawn maintenanced with our electric equipment and you’ll notice a big difference!

Propane-Powered Lawn Mowers

You know that smelly, smoky, and nasty exhaust that comes out of a gas-powered lawn mower? You don’t see that with propane-powered mowers. That

propane powered mower
Propane-powered lawn mowers

smelly, smoky gas-powered exhaust is a major source of harmful air pollution across the country. It contains high levels of carbon dioxide and monoxide, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and harmful particulates. We work hard to be a part of the lawn care pollution solution, and we know using alternative methods, like propane and electric, is how we can do that.

We made the choice to be a propane-powered lawn mowing service because keeping the air clean and healthy for you and your family is important to us.

Propane is our preferred alternative fuel for a few reasons. It has a lower carbon footprint than gasoline because it has a much lower carbon content. Propane burns cleaner than gasoline so pollutes the air at a drastically lower rate. Propane is also known to be non-toxic, so in a rare case where it is spilled, it doesn’t pollute the water or soil.

Propane is proven to be a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to power lawn mowers than gasoline. You won’t find a gasoline-powered lawn mower on your property when you chose Clean Air Lawn Care Orlando.

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Quality Orlando Lawn Mowing Service

Like Bio Green, Clean Air Lawn Care Orlando is locally owned and operated. We’ve been taking care of Orlando lawns and landscapes since 2013, and we know what it takes to deliver award-winning lawn care in the Orlando area. Clean Air Lawn Care Orlando currently services West-Orlando neighborhoods, like Windermere, Clermont and Winter Garden. If you’re looking for high-quality, experienced and eco-friendly lawn mowing service in Orlando, get in touch. We’re ready to help!