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We are one of the most trusted sources of sod installation and sod replacement in the South Lake and West Orange area. Why? It always comes back to quality. Take a look below to get more information about what makes us different than other sod installation services. Or, just give us a call to get a free estimate.

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Sod Replacement and Re-Sodding

re-sod before and after
Before and after a partial re-sod

Is your lawn looking worn, brown, dry, weedy, or patchy? If the answer is “Yes,” then it’s time to re-sod! Lawns in the Clermont and West Lake region can look worn and sick when they’re not cared for properly. We can often address these issues with our fertilizer, pest, and weed control treatments. However, when lawns are beyond repair, it’s time to get a sod replacement.

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How We are Different

What makes us different from other sod installation services in the Orlando area? Just about everything. Our crews hand-place sod with care and detail. That means no gaps, bumps, or tell-tale signs that your lawn is newly placed sod. Other sod installation companies will throw down the sod and kick it into place. We take the time to place the sod together like puzzle pieces.

We also include your first treatment of Bio Green fertilizer, fungicide, and insecticide with your sod installation. AND, we use a dedicated power sprayer just for sod treatments. This is the first step towards making sure your sod grows lush and healthy. We’ll also check your irrigation and sprinkler system to make sure you are watering your new lawn the appropriate amount. We don’t treat your new sod the way we treat an established lawn. We offer the care it requires to nurture new sod into a mature lawn.

We’ll grow and maintain the grass for you.

Clean Air Lawn Care and Bio Green of Orlando will grow and maintain your beautiful new grass for you after we install it. We offer a 30-day warranty when you sign up for 6 months of our treatment services. When you choose us to maintain the grass for you, you’ll see what a difference high-quality, organic, pet-friendly treatments and environmentally friendly maintenance can make. On top of lawn care, we offer all the lawn and landscape services you need with just one monthly bill. Get a free estimate to learn more.

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sod installHow We Install New Sod

Take a look at our full sod installation process below. Our crew takes great care in each sod installation because the way the sod is treated and placed during installation makes a big difference in its future health and appearance.

  1. Remove old grass with a sod cutter (we skip this step in cases where there is no lawn to be removed). Whether you are re-sodding in patches or replacing an entire lawn, we will carefully remove your old grass to prepare for the new sod installation.
  2. Grade soil. We grade the soil to make sure it is flat and ready to grow your new, beautiful lawn.
  3. Check sprinklers. Appropriate watering schedules and irrigation performance is necessary for growing a healthy lawn, so we will check all of your sprinklers to make sure you are set up for successful grass growing.
  4. Lay sod by hand. Our crew will un-roll your new sod and fit it into place by hand. There will be no gaps, bumps, or obvious signs of the sodding process.
  5. Apply 1st fertilizer, insecticide, and fungicide treatment with a sprayer that is used only for sod. All of our treatments are environment- and pet-friendly. We are dedicated to avoiding harmful synthetic chemicals in all of our lawn treatments.

When is the best time to install or replace sod?

We recommend getting your sod installed or replaced at any time of the year except the summer. The extreme heat of summer can make growing a new sod lawn difficult and time-consuming.

Best Types of Sod for Orlando-Area Lawns

We only use high-quality sod that is sourced regionally. No matter the type of sod you choose, we always use Grade-A sod. Grade-A sod is the highest quality of sod on the market. As with all of our other services, we know that starting with high-quality sod is important for growing long-living, lush and healthy grass for years to come. We offer St. Augustine and Zoysia sods. See below for details about the characteristics of these types of grass. We have access to a variety of grasses that are ideal for growing in the Orlando area.

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Windermere sod repair

Floratam St. Augustine

Floratam St. Augustine grass grows well in yards that receive seven or more hours of sunlight a day. The blades of Floratam St. Augustine grass are thicker and wider than most other St. Augustine grasses. It is coarse in texture, dark green, and is salt- and drought-tolerant.

ProVista™ St. Augustine

ProVista™ is a type of St. Augustine grass that was researched and developed by Scotts for over 20 years. They fine-tuned their ideal Florida grass and called it “ProVista™.” This special kind of St. Augustine turf is low-maintenance, weed-resistant, and lush. It grows in a dense, thick mat that crowds out weeds and looks beautiful. ProVista™ grass grows slowly, so requires half the maintenance time as other St. Augustine lawns.

Shade-Tolerant St. Augustine

We offer Palmetto®, Classic, and Evergreen St. Augustine grasses for shaded lawns.

Palmetto® St. Augustine is a very popular choice for both sun and shade lawns. It is soft, versatile, wear-tolerant, and disease resistant.

Classic St. Augustine grass is dense, dark green, and a nod to the traditional Gulf Coast lawn. Classic St. Augustine grass is disease and insect resistant and has better cold tolerance than other St. Augustine grasses. It also tolerates a wide range of soil types.

Evergreen St. Augustine sod is similar to Floratam sod but is more shade resistant.


Zoysia grass has a lot going for it when it comes to growing in our Orlando sun and soil. It is slow-growing, wear-resistant, and has a vigorous root system that is drought resistant and difficult to over-water. Zoysia grows in a dense mat that makes it weed-resistant. Plus, it’s not susceptible to the chinch bug.

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